Our dear lifelong hometown friend, Bubba (Bo Brinkman – Writer-director) got the idea to write “Last Man Club” in 1991 while sitting at a red light in the back of a New York City cab. Four older gentlemen wearing WWII uniforms pulled up beside him in a 1965 Dodge Dart. A small plastic US Flag was fixed on the dashboard of the car. They were laughing and cutting up like a bunch of teenagers and Bo got an emotional lump in my throat just watching them for that brief moment before the light changed.


The next morning he read a story in the New York Times about a veteran from World War I who was the last surviving member of his regiment. He had received a bottle of wine his regiment bought after the war.  The bottle was passed from one member to the next for almost seventy years until it found him. He was to open the bottle and drink to his fallen comrades. It’s called a Last Man Club. The article showed a picture of him in uniform, sitting in a wheelchair with the bottle proudly displayed on his lap. A caption read, “I lived long enough to get the bottle but now I’m too old to drink it.” Bo had already decided to somehow write their story…  He completed the script in 1996.


The several years of pushing the film for production were a nightmare of collectors and debt and he finally accepted the fact that this film would never get made. Bo took a job, helping with some documentary work covering the civil war in Sudan, Africa. When he came home at the end of 2013, he wanted to get back into filmmaking. A lot had changed since his last endeavor in 2009 when film was shot with very costly 35mm film. The HD camera had evolved to a hard drive and the new lenses were amazing. Production costs were lowered considerably by the improved digital technology. There were several projects Bo wanted to do and never really considered looking at Last Man Club again. He had not looked at that script in almost twelve years. At the urge from his friend, Teddy, he read it again in one sitting and realized that he had to make this film to close a chapter in his life.


Enter Jani and Joe Clemons into the story.  Jani celebrates her birthday in early March.  She had a gathering of her friends in Kemah to celebrate her birthday. Her friend, Linda Pandolph was in Washington DC receiving an award for her company and was not able to attend the party.  Bo was there and was talking to Jani and Joe about wanting to produce his script and talked about his concern of someone with financial savvy be in control of the film funds. It had to be someone he trusted, and with whom he could not only trust but communicate with some existing business infrastructure. Jani and Joe chimed almost simultaneously, “Bo, you should call Linda!  She’s been talking about her dream of making a movie ever since we can remember!!!”  Thus the dream of making a movie became a reality. Linda Pandolph joined forces with Bo and spent the next six months helping raise the money and soon everything fell into place fairly easy. Last Man Club became a fully financed in June and… then in late June, Bo found out he had rare cancer, a malignant tumor behind his left eye.


Bo decided right then that we would move ahead with the LMC film project no matter what.


After his first surgery and a one-month hiatus in filming LMC and in physical recovery, Bo was back to work with Linda on LMC. The radiation treatments had weakened him so much that it was difficult for him to function at times, but failure was not an option. It seemed there was a higher power at work against us for a time.  There were so many mishaps with losing locations, wardrobe and equipment breakdowns that just making it to the next day was a victory or sorts. It seemed every disaster became a blessing and every location lost became a better one found. We were a well-oiled machine and yet little came off as we had intended because the circumstances constantly changing due to weather or mishaps. Linda Pandolph, who took complete control of the film before production concluded and also a first time filmmaker never lost her cool and helped guide us through the very tough spots. We’ve never seen such dedication from talent and crew who were so grossly underpaid for their time and work on this project.  In the end, we came away with a low budget film that looks and feels like a studio movie.  Last Man Club has won more than 20 Film Festival awards to include Best of Festival, Best Feature Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Young Actor and Best Director.

The Video on Demand and the DVD will be released on May 23rd. For more information, please check for details after May 15th.  You can pre-order to own the digital download of Last Man Club on iTunes now  Follow us on

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