About JC2 Technologies

JC2 Technologies have built their reputation on the fact they listen. For over 20 years they have worked with clients and candidates for their staffing, services or placement needs and they've listened, not only do they find the right technical resource but they find the right personality for the job. In today's world that can be a very trying task if not a lost art. Too many times people or companies tell you they have all the answers for your staffing, technical or business needs. But did they listen? Did they take the time to really understand your pain, what has kept you up at nights worrying about that project, or initiative that will not be met? Do they understand your business?

As a client, JC2 Technologies takes the time to understand your business, your team and work environment and partner with you to best utilize your current need with our knowledge base and resources to bring you the most qualified person or persons.

As a candidate, JC2 Technologies takes the time to understand what it is that you are looking for in an opportunity and company. We work with you to help guide and support you toward the career path or goals you have set for yourself. We hope to be there for you all through your career. People First.

Our experienced staff consist of recruiting and business development professionals who have specialized within their industries. Our clients and opportunities from a technical perspective have ranged from VB, .Net, C#, Java, J2EE, AS/400, RPG/ILE, Peoplesoft, Oracle, SAP, Linux, Unix, Windows NT, to name a few.