Expanding JC2 Technologies

JC2 Technologies is in the process of expanding our business to include a division that will be focused solely on Executive and Sr. Level Retail Placement.


img_2934To help with this process we would like to welcome Sharon Pietruniak to the JC2 Technologies Team.

Sharon will be involved in the expansion process as she has over 15 years of experience in all facets of Retail Operations.

Sharon spent 15 years working as a Sr. level Information Technology Executive in the retail industry, this allowed her to gain vast knowledge

in all aspects of Retail Operations including but not limited to Merchandise Management, Store Operations, Sourcing and Procurement, Logistics

and Distribution, Supply Chain Strategy, Replenishment, E-Commerce/Omni-Channel Operations, etc.  Sharon has already shown a bright future

here with JC2 Technologies when it comes to client relations Sharon truly understands the meaning of JC2’s slogan “People First”.  Sharon works

hard to ensure 100 percent satisfaction with every client and continues to grow our knowledge here on retail operations.