Benefits to using Recruiters

“Why Use a Recruiter or Recruiting Firm?

Work with recruiting professionals that have the expertise…an effective recruiter will:

  • Spend time understanding the client’s job description, culture and organization to insure they have the right candidate.
  • Focus their attention and direct their efforts to your job openings, generating qualified candidates more efficiently.
  • Find the “needle in the haystack” by networking into organizations to find the “passive candidate” market.
  • Go far beyond the customary process of finding candidates through job boards or advertising; cold call recruiting and networking is what they do best.
  • Pre-qualify candidates, saving you time and increasing the effectiveness of your hiring process.
  • Typically present 3-5 qualified candidates saving you the time of filtering through a pile of resumes especially in today’s economic market.
  • Insure a fast, efficient and effective process to get you the right hires.
  • Market the sizzle of your company while networking with prospective candidates.
  • Keep you up to date on the recruitment process and give you feedback from the marketplace on issues arising during the search.
  • Provide a confidential search if the company does not want to “go public” with the position.
  • With the high demands of the HR departments, HR professionals do not always have the time to maintain an external professional network that can often result in qualified candidates; this is just one of the benefits of an HR department using a recruiter. Networking is an expertise that recruiters perform on a daily basis!

Why use a headhunter? Recruiters are there to assist you with all phases of the job search and will:

  • Take a complete job order and perform an in-depth interview with you and/or the hiring managers regarding the position, current team and ideal candidate.
  • Source (both active and passive) candidates.
  • Screen and present qualified candidates for interviews.
  • Prepare you for the interview and provide information on the candidate in addition to their resume (current salary, vacation, benefits, etc.).
  • Prepare the candidate for the interview with information on the position and your company.
  • Follow up with both parties and provide feedback.
  • Check references.
  • Negotiate an offer and act as a liaison to answer difficult/uncomfortable questions (e.g. previous vacation time planned, financial package, relocation package, multiple offers, resignation, counteroffers, etc.).
  • Work hard to insure that the offer will result in an acceptance!
  • Providing your HR department or business with information on how to use a recruiter or headhunter more effectively is one of the goals of Recruiters Connection.”

Best Foot Forward

In today’s job market, applying for a position is just a click away…for pretty much everyone. On average hiring managers eliminate 50% of applicants within the first 20-30 seconds of reviewing a resume. So the question is, how do you stay above the elimination line? A smartly chosen email address, a personalized cover letter, and a sound resume will help get you one step closer to the face to face interview.

Your Email Address
While declaring your loyalty to the greatest team to ever grace the field care of or your undying love for sky high heels via is great for trading memes with your peers, it isn’t exactly a confidence instilling introduction. A simple, well chosen version of your name, and a few numbers if needed is the best possible route to avoid the immediate axe.

Your Personalized Cover Letter
Everyone loves the sound of their own name; this bares repeating; EVERYONE loves the sound of their own name. Search engines are a beautiful thing; utilize them. Better yet, this is where a recruiter can be a fantastic asset for you. We already know the hiring manager, chances are we helped place someone in their last available position, and we know exactly what gets them excited about a potential candidate.
The content of your cover letter should be specific examples of how you have excelled in regard to the qualifications and skill set they are looking for in a new employee.

Your Resume
It helps to do something that makes your resume stand out, like misspelling everything and attaching a picture of yourself. …or whatever you’re most comfortable with. On a serious note, Hiring Managers have a few standard elements they look for when initially scanning a resume; location, industry, function, level, experience, education, certification, turnover and resume function. More specifically they will be looking for keywords associated with position they want to fill. Just as with the cover letter, this is where a recruiter can play a crucial role in helping you land your dream job. We know the intricacies of the company as well as the people and can assist with aligning your resume to best reflect your skills and qualifications in regard to the position.